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Pull Kit Fire Bottle, 10lb, Novec 1230

Fire Bottle Kit, Pull Type, White Cylinder, Model Lt, Novec 1230
SAFETY SYSTEMS  |  Part# SAF-LT10JAB   More Details...


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Pneumatic Fire Bottle, 10LB Novec1230

Fire Bottle Kit, Pneumatic Type, White Cylinder, Model Lt, Novec 1230, Can Be Used In Sequence With Pull Type Bottl...
SAFETY SYSTEMS  |  Part# SAF-LT10JDB   More Details...


Pull Cable, With Safety, 15 Foot

Pull Cable, Replacement, 15 Ft. Cable, Trim To Length, Red T-HANDLE, Safety Pin
SAFETY SYSTEMS  |  Part# SAF-56-1421   More Details...