EXT-HP15W-40 #1

15W-40 Extreme Racing, Synthetic Blend


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Extreme Brand Products SJ Synthetic Blend Racing Oils 2200 PPM ZN 2500 PPM Ca Are Based On Api Service Level SJ Additive Technology.



Extreme Brand Products SJ Synthetic Blend Racing Oils 2200 ppm Zn 2500 ppm Ca are based on API service level SJ additive technology. An additional boost of ZDDP is utilized taking the final formulation to 2200ppm Zinc. This extra amount of ZDDP provides excellent anti-wear protection. Also a performance boost of calcium based detergents is utilized to promote cleanliness in the engine. The use of this amount of anti-wear and detergent additives blended in quality paraffinic base oils makes these motor oils ideal for protecting an engine under extreme conditions. These products utilize a mixture of synthetic and conventional base stocks for extra performance and protection from oxidation that causes engine deposits.


Based on API service SJ additive technology with additional performance additives

High Sulfated Ash, Phosphorus & Sulfur (SAPS) formulation

Provides the ultimate anti-wear protection for high performance engines

Low oil volatility

Friction modified for enhanced engine power and performance

Application recommendations:

Extreme Racing Oils 2200 ppm Zn 2500 ppm Ca are recommended for high performance engines where exceptional engine protection is needed. These products are not for use in engines using catalytic converters as the concentrated additive formulation will damage emission components.

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