MEZ-PN6501 #1

2.5 Filler Cap & Bung Steel WELD-ON

MEZIERE  |  Part# MEZ-PN6501

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WELD-IN 4130 Moly Bung, Billet 6061 Aluminum Knurled Cap, Cap Is Female Threaded 2 1/2'' O-RING Sealed



Cap and bungs have many uses. Normally we see them used to fabricate fuel tanks or installed to be used as filler/inspection caps on differentials or valve covers. The bung can be ordered in steel, aluminum and in some cases stainless steel. The caps are all aluminum. We offer these caps with internal (female) or external (male) threads.

This part number features:

  • Alminum cap machined from 6061.
  • Diamond knurled grip surface.
  • Cap threaded internally 2 1/2"-16 thread.
  • O-ring set into cap.
  • Steel bung machined from 4130.
  • Sold in pairs - 1 cap and 1 bung.

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