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Braille SUPER-SIXTEEN LITHIUM-ION Battery, Weighs 9 Lbs, 10'' Long, 3.25'' Wide, 6'' Tall, 2325 Pca (Pulse Cranking Amps), 66 Lah (Lithium Amp Hour)



B168L Features:

Unlike other "Lightweight" 16 volt batteries on the market that achieve a lighter weight by skimping on build quality, Braille batteries are properly engineered from the beginning. As the leader in lightweight battery technology, Braille analyzed where other 16 Volt battery companies products failed and strengthen these area along with improving the grid structure. This results in a stronger, more reliable battery with more power.

Rapid Recharge Capability

When you are on the track and the miles are adding up with each pass. You need to know that your battery is going to stay as strong and powerful as it did on its first race day. Thats why we offer Rapid Recharge Capability with the Super 16 Volt Lithium Battery charger, so you go stronger and longer, everytime. (The B168LC combo gets you the charger at a discounted price!) The Braille B168L lithium battery is the ultimate in 16 volt battery technology! This 8.8 pound battery has been used for many years by top drag racers around the world and have more than enough cranking power to spin up the 800+ cubic inch Big Blocks in Pro Mod cars with multi-stage nitrous and all the other electrical demands. Lithium delivers a higher, cleaner voltage which improves the performance of every electrical component and has shown to provide: quicker starting, improved management/ignition system performance, will last up to 5 times longer than lead batteries doing the same job (with very little performance loss throughout the battery life), much more reliable, all on top of the significant weight savings.

Super 16 Volt Lithium

Braille’s exclusive 16 volt Lithium technology offers more starting performance and stable voltages per pound than any option available on the market. Sealed Safe Design in popular sizes that are mountable in any position contain Ultra-Lightweight Lithium-Ion Chemistries Hand Selected and Built by a Braille Factory Technician in the USA. High Current Interconnects, Proprietary Sine-Wave Balancing and High Amp Brass Terminals are just some of the Exotic Technologies for Professionals and Enthusiast that Demand the Best.

** PbEq equals Lead-Acid Equivalent also known as LAH Lithium-Amp-Hours. This means that a 72 LAH PbEq (24AH) Lithium Iron Phosphate battery could perform the same near as a 72 AH Lead-acid battery under a high rate discharge in comparison.

Charger Specs.

Output Amperage                   25
Amp Hour                                25
Voltage                                    16
Voltage Output                        18.2
Voltage Input                           110/220
Output Connectors                   Med. Clamps & Ring
Battery AH Usage Range         < 200ah
Input Voltage Socket Plugs      USA
Reverse Polarity Protection      Yes
Microprocessor Control           Yes


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