MSD-5096 #1

Dynaforce Starter - GM LS LS1/LS7 Engine

MSD IGNITION  |  Part# MSD-5096

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GM LS1/LS7 Inline Bolt Pattern, (Will Not Fit Gto) Mini Starter, Standard Rotation, 3.4 HP 4.40:1 Gear Reduction, Billet Mount Allows Clocking Starter In Multiple Positions For Clearance.



Will not fit GTO

MSD DynaForce Starters are made to crank. A 3.4 horse motor spins a reduction set of gears with a 4.4:1 ratio to deliver incredible torque. The armature is supported by ball bearings and we plate the internal contacts and disc to reduce arcing while improving continuity.


  • Gear reduction of 4.4:1 improves torque for great cranking
  • Three horsepower motor provides power for high compression engines
  • Ball bearing supported armature and pinion gear
  • Downsized design helps clearance issues with oil pans and exhaust
  • Mount can be clocked to assist in mounting

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