MSD-50902 #1

Dynaforce Starter - High Speed - SBF 289

MSD IGNITION  |  Part# MSD-50902

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Ford 289-351W, High Speed Mini Starter, 25% More Cranking Speed, 3.73:1 Gear Reduction, Billet Mount Allows Clocking Starter In Multiple Positions For Clearance.


Anyone who struggles to start their Ford race engine reliably because the starter can’t keep up needs to check out the new High Speed DynaForce Starter. The 25% extra speed makes it so that even the most stubborn of motors will start. The extreme durability built into these starters ensures they can handle the teams that use them.


  • Billet aluminum adjustable mounting block
  • Plated disc and contacts reduce arcing and increase continuity
  • Heavy Duty high temp solenoid for 12-16 volt systems
  • 3.73:1 Gear Reduction
  • Additional 25% cranking speed
  • For use on blown alcohol engines, magneto ignitions, or any engine requiring higher cranking RPM

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