MSD-8581 #1

Distributor Gear Bronze .530in BBF 429 4

MSD IGNITION  |  Part# MSD-8581

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Distributor Gear, Bronze, Ford 351c, 351M-400, 429-460, Fe, .530 I.d.



MSD Bronze Distributor gears are machined from quality AMPCO 45 aluminum bronze containing 5% nickel. This com­bination of bronze and nickel creates high-strength gear teeth that are less prone to wear even with high-volume oil pumps.


  • Increased outer hardened layer thickness (RC 55-60).
  • Interstitial carbide concentration improves wear resistance and
  • Melonite QPQ coated reduces friction and initial wear.
  • Proprietary formulated ductile iron.
  • Micro polished surface for smooth contact.

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