MSD-8276 #1

NON-MAGNETIC Pickup For Flying Magnetic

MSD IGNITION  |  Part# MSD-8276

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NON-MAGNETIC Pick Up, 3/4-16 Thread, 6'' Harness Length



MSD’s Non-Magnetic Pick-Ups are engineered for extreme applications. In fact, this Pick-Up was designed and tested on 300+ mph top fuel dragsters! To live up to MSD’s demanding expectations in these extreme applications, we took it upon ourselves to design and build the Pick-Ups in-house. This way we can control every aspect of their assembly and quality.

Each Pick-Up is hand wound on a special bobbin and terminated to our tinned conductor, teflon jacketed wiring. These wires are also routed through a strain relief for protection. This assembly is then installed into the precision housing and is potted with a fracture resistant epoxy compound. To ensure that the windings are entirely encased in epoxy, the Pick-Ups undergo a vacuum procedure to remove any air inside the housing.

All of these procedures are necessary to produce the strongest, most reliable non-magnetic Pick-Up available.


  • Replacement Pick-up