LSM-SM-600 #1

Bench Top Valve Spring Tester W/0-600# G


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These LSM Racing Bench Top Valve Spring Testers Are Fast And EASY-TO-USE Precision BENCH-TO-VALVE Spring Testers. Just Bring The Spring to The Installed Height, Lock Down The Precision Stop, And Check A Box Of Springs Quickly And Easily.



hese LSM Racing bench top valve spring testers are fast and easy-to-use precision bench-to-valve spring testers. Just bring the spring to the installed height, lock down the precision stop, and check a box of springs quickly, easily, and with precision accuracy. LSM Racing bench top valve spring testers' innovative horizontal design and footprint give them stability on the bench top. They are rugged enough for everyday use in the shop and yet are designed to be taken on the road. These bench top valve spring testers are available in 1,000 lb. or 600 lb. ranges.

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