NTG-F10-543-NG #1

Ford 10", 5.43, Nitro 9310 Pro Ring & Pi

NITRO GEAR  |  Part# NTG-F10-543-NG

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Ford 10", 5.43, Nitro 9310 Pro Ring & Pinion



Ford 10", High Performance
5.43 Nitro Ring & Pinion

Differential: Ford 10"
Gear Ratio: 5.43
Tooth Count: 38/7
Pinion Splines: 35
Ring Gear Bolts: 12 (not included)
Manufacturer: Nitro Gear & Axle

Tech Note:
These gears are made from 9310 forgings and are only intended for specific use.
Great gears deserve a great 3rd member housing, look no further: Nitro Solid Billet Aluminum Housing.

Nitro gears are manufactured from 9310 steel gear forgings in the same manufacturing facilities as GM, Dodge, Ford & Toyota. They are precision machined using computer controlled processes, heat treated, CNC triple-lapped and Rockwell tested for hardness. These extra steps ensure excellent fitment, ideal contact pattern and smooth, quiet operation.

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