RPK-800-CL-8M-2187 #1

Split Collar 2.187 Id, 8-MAGNET

RACEPAK  |  Part# RPK-800-CL-8M-2187

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Data Acquisition, Split Collar And Magnet Assemblies, 8 Magnet Collar, 2.187 In. Inside Diameter, Each



Racepak split collar and magnet assemblies provide mounting platforms for the magnets that trigger the sensor monitoring the revolutions of a shaft. They are typically used on rear-end yokes and couplers to deliver driveshaft rpm data. Racepak collars are available with either two or eight magnets. The 8-magnet collars help detect driveshaft rpm sooner than 2-magnet assemblies and are perfect for automatic transmission-equipped vehicles. Racepak split collar and magnet assemblies are available in a wide range of diameters to fit a variety of applications.

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