MSD-81305 #1

Generator Pro Mag 44 Amp CW Rotation

MSD IGNITION  |  Part# MSD-81305

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Ignition Magneto, Pro Mag 44, Magnetic Pickup, 26 Degree Spark Duration, 50000v, Hei Style, Red, Clockwise, Universal, Each


The 44 utilizes a proprietary combination of rare earth magnets and windings to produce its incredible energy. A magnetic pickup is mounted in the lower base of the generator to accurately trigger the eight precision paddles on the reluctor. The pickup is far superior to weak and inaccurate points and never requires adjustment or replacement. The assembly spins on a 0.500-inch shaft with sealed ball bearings for long life.

When the pickup is triggered, the signal is sent to the Electronic Points Box where the spark duration is controlled and directed to the 44’s Coil. Each coil winding contains over a pound of copper wire that is hand-wound for accuracy. The voltage is immediately stepped up and sent to the mag’s cap where it gets accurately distributed to the correct spark plugs, maximizing the explosion of heat and energy in the cylinder.

Versatility is the name of the game with the Pro-Mag 44. Its design allows you to incorporate optional accessories such as a crank trigger, for the ultimate in ignition precision. Other possibilities include a Timing Retard Control or a rev limiter for improved consistency and safety.

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