MSD-81423 #1

Pro Mag 44 Coil Black

MSD IGNITION  |  Part# MSD-81423

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Ignition Coil, Pro Mag 44, Magneto, Male Hei, 45000v, 44 Amp, Black, Each



The coil steps up the current to as much as 45,000 volts while sending over one amp across the plug gap. This high voltage is required to initialize the spark when it’s up against nitro and extreme boost pressures.

The Pro-Mag 44 Coil is hand assembled in-house and features over a pound of copper, carefully wound around a unique bobbin molded from DuPont® Rynite™. These windings and internals of the coil are completely encased in epoxy for protection against vibration damage and ensure the ultimate in reliability. The entire assembly is housed in a tough, molded plastic shell with extremely high voltage isolation characteristics. Brass primary and secondary terminals ensure full-voltage delivery. Heavy-duty vibration mounts are also included.